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News of the Tragic loss of two Friends and members of our Community Christopher and Christine Martin of La Mamola

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Photo taken 11/04/2004 ....... ___________Photo taken at Chritophers 60th Birthday

The People of La Mamola and the English community here are in mourning after the dreadful loss of Christopher and Christine Martin in a tragic accident. They went to Rubite to see two of our other English friends Doug and Caroline. It is believed a landslide on the mountain behind the house caused the collapse of the roof over the area of the lounge where Chris and Christine were sitting. Christopher and Christine were killed instantly. Doug and Caroline escaped with minor injuries. Our hearts go out to Christopher and Christines Family and to Doug and Caroline who experienced this dreadful disaster.

Chris and Christine were so much part of La Mamola they embraced the community they lived in and took to heart the Spanish people. Christine was the only English woman who was part of the La Mamola Womens association. They were a kind and totally inseperable couple still so much in love after all their years of marraige together. Sadly they leave their Daughter Louisa, Gary her husband and Nathan and Sean their 2 grandsons. Also Christines 2 Sisters and all Christopher's Family.They were a very large and close Family and their Daughter and her Family spent all their UK school holidays here in the village with them.

La Mamola will not be the same without Chris and Christine. They will be missed by the whole community English and Spanish. I have lived here for 6 years and knew Chris and Christine from the begining of my life here. They were amazing people and good friends who will be sadly missed.

The funeral is to be held tomorrow Thursday 24th. The time is not certain at the moment but I will update the web site as I get the information. If you would like to contribute and pay your respects to Christopher and Christine please contact me by email. Click here: Brenda Anderson-Browne

Quote to the BBC from Pedro our Mayor

"The local authorities have declared three days of mourning and suspended all cultural activities following the accident.

The Martins had a home in the village of La Mamola. The mayor, who was a neighbour and friend, told the BBC they were a "fantastic" couple, who had lived there for six years.

Pedro Fernandez Garcia said they were really integrated in the community and took part in the theatre club.

"They enjoyed the sun and the beach, and they were happy here," he added.

Information: Christopher and Christine will be brought to the Tanatoria in La Mamola tonight at 6 pm. Tomorrow the funeral and service at the church will take place at 5pm. On Friday at 5pm the village and their Friends and Family will pay tribute to them and their ashes will be scattered in La Mamola.

Brenda Anderson-Browne


Message Card From Chris and Christine's Family



Condolence messages in Memory of Christopher and Christine Martin
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I am so saddened to here of the tragic loss of two beautiful people who I had the honoured to have known.my sincere condolences to the louise and family they will be greatly missed. Ruth and jimmy


Please can you include these comments on your Condolence Board in Memory of Christopher & Christine Martin.  My Mother, Betty is Christopher's eldest surviving sister. 
The following comments I originally intended to submit on another website, but are more appropriate here amongst my Aunt Carole's comments, posted with Chris & Chris' friends.
Thank you for the opportunity to post my tribute here, Brenda, Liam and everbody who left comments and/or loved and supported my Uncle & Aunt; and thank you, Auntie Carole for passing me the weblink to this site:

Chris & Chris were two of the nicest, genuine and most caring people anybody would be fortunate to know.   We love them dearly and our hearts go out to Luisa, Gary & their boys, Shaun & Nathan. 

The whole family miss them, as do the good citizens of La Mamola where they spent some of the happiest years of their lives.  Every time they spoke of their life in La Mamola, it was with joy, a passion!  Their eyes would light up, full of life, so full of energy.  They loved their family, their friends and their life in Spain.
On behalf of us and the whole family, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mayor Pedro Fernandez Garcia, Mayor Arsenio Vazquez and the citizens of La Mamola and Rubite for declaring three days of mourning in their memory.  We are deeply touched by this honour, incredible hospitality and your love and support for the Martin family, and for Doug and Caroline Brown throughout these most sad, tragic and difficult of times.
On behalf of the family with you all attending the funeral and service in La Mamola, and also for those of us in England, Canada or elsewhere who could not be there, God bless and thank you all for welcoming our beloved Chris & Chris into your heart.

Posted By :   Simon, Betty, Steve & Lorraine Strong  

 Essex, England, UK


"My dear bruv," he always called me that, my younger brother Chris; and I referred to him as "the boy."  After a happy childhood with four sisters and we two bruvs growing up in the post war years in east London, we all began to build our own families and broadened our horizons; to outer London, Spain and Canada. 
Chris & Chris moved to La Mamola, and my wife, Emma and I retired to Chiva, Valencia.  Like most Expats, we loved to 'put the world to rights' when we talked and got together.  We shared a passion in comparing our Spanish life styles and spoke fondly about our communities, and of the friends we made here, in Spain.  I regret not seeing and talking to Chris and Christina more.  We always got on well and there were never any arguments.  No one could ever have foreseen the terrible tragedy which cut their time with us painfully short, for family and friends alike.
The friendliness and generosity of spirit amongst the Spanish people is to be seen to be believed!  Only recently in our town of Chiva, a bar owner heard about our family loss and gave us a very large jar of honey and kisses!  Of course Emma and I live out of town, pop. 13000, a lot different to La Mamola in some ways, but we and Chris & Chris were very fortunate to find ourselves surrounded by the most open and welcoming communities we could ever have hoped for.  We never went short of people giving us small gifts of fruit or veg in either community, such is the way of our kind neighbours and dear friends. 
On behalf of us and the whole family, we too would like to thank Mayor Pedro Fernandez Garcia of La Mamola, Mayor Arsenio Vazquez of Rubite and their citizens for their warmth and remarkable unity at this sad time.  When Emma and I visited La Mamola for the funeral, our son Gary joined us.  We were overwhelmed by the people's sadness at their loss of Chris and Christina.   
Thank you all for the love and support given to Chris & Chris' daughter and family, Luisa, Gary, Nathan and Shaun Reilly, and further extended to us by so many, for which we were very moved and grateful.  As are Luisa's cousins, Andy and Lisa who also were made very welcome.
Posted By :   Terry, Emma, Gary, Karen, Julie, Hayley, Gemma, Shannon, Richard & Mary (the Martin & Grainger families), Andy & Lisa Dominguez-Gomez.  
Spain & England.


"I always thought of Chris as more than an uncle to me.  In many ways I regarded him as an older brother that I didn't have.  Maybe it was just because he wasn't that much older than me, only 17 years, but he was always the cheeky chappy for me.  Someone who I would like to share a joke with and have a laugh.  When ever I saw him, even last year when he came over for Dad's funeral, he still brought with him that warm, honest grin that could light up a room.  Cliche I know but that's what it felt like.  To think that we will never see that smile again is beyond imagining.
Chris and Christine were a devoted couple, both sharing a sense of life that was both inspirational and fulfilling.  Chris never forgot his first time in Spain.  He was 21 and came with my Dad, Domingo to stay with his family. You could say that he fell in love with Spain from that moment and his enthusiasm for the country and Andalusia in particular was obvious. 
Chris and Chris, for you could not ever think of one without the other, were inseparable.  They doted on their only daughter Louisa and I'm sure on their grandchildren as well. 
For Louisa and the rest of Christine's family I can only offer our deepest condolences.  I am grateful for my brother, Andy, and sister, Lisa, for offering their support to you and your family and for sending on my own respects at this dreadful time.  I would also like to offer my thanks to the Mayor and villagers of La Momola for their support and the genorosity displayed towards the family of Chris and Chris.  By their actions, the Mayor and villagers have shown that Chris and Chris were very much regarded as one of their own, rather than mere ex-pats; a fitting tribute and epitaph for both Chris and Chris. 
With all our deepest regrets
Jerry,Jo and James Dominguez"


Our thoughts are totaly with Chris and Christine's Family at this very sad time. Chris and Christine were close friends and they were the most loving and kind couple that you could ever meet. La Mamola will not be the same without them. xxx

Brenda and Liam Anderson-Browne


We are absolutely devastated, just cannot believe it.  La Mamola just won’t be the same again. They were such lovely people and always ready to help. Our thoughts go out to all their family and friends and poor Doug and Caroline must be in shock.  Wish we were there with you all.

Love and regards

Val and David (Aldridge)


I am contacting you regarding the sad loss of our dear friends. I was hoping that you would be able to provide funeral details but see the funeral is taking place tomorrow so obviously we wouldn't be able to get there from the UK in that time.
I have asked the foreign office to pass on my details to Louisa to enquire about the funeral but again this is obviously too late. I was therefore wondering if you could pass on a message to the family for me.

My husband and I met Chris and Chris in Sri Lanka in the late 90's. We spent a lot of time with Chris and Chris (they taught us how to play various card games!) and celebrated our engagement with us. We stayed in touch once we returned to the UK and they attended our wedding in 2001.
They were a fantastic couple and my biggest regret is we didn't get out to visit them in Spain. It was one of those things we were going to do at some point. Our thoughts are with the family at this tragic tragic time. We know how much they loved their life in Spain and they will be sadly missed. When we were in Sri Lanka they talked a lot about Louisa and Gary and subsequently any other telephone calls have always mentioned the grandchildren.

Please pass on our deepest condolences.

Dawn and Hayden (Woodhouse) Wykes


I would just like to voice our sincere condolences to all of Chris & Christine’s friends and relatives in Spain and here in England, Lord knows they will be so greatly missed.  This news is a terrible tragedy, our family all held Chris & Chris in such high esteem, we loved them for being such kind, wonderful, helpful, generous lovely people, who would do anything possible for anyone.  No one could ever take their place, we are so lucky to have known, laughed, celebrated, communicated and have them touch our lives, thank you Chris & Chris from the bottom of our hearts, two truly humanitarian people we are honoured to have known. RIP

If there is a way of letting Luisa know just how much we are thinking of her and family, please do.  Also, Doug and Caroline, who I don’t know personally but my parents (Mr and Mrs Peter & Yvonne Smith) do, what can they all be going through?   

Steph Ruddy, John Kenny

Nikk Ruddy

Amy Ruddy, Matthew Gomm

We will all miss Chris & Chris so very much.  Unfortunately, we can’t make it to the funeral and scattering but will be there in spirit, when we next visit La Mamola will show our respects the best way we can. If you can send us any information or if there is a collection in Chris & Chris’s name for their favourite charity, please do let me know.

Kind regards

Steph Ruddy - Public Duty Co-Ordinator

St John Ambulance - Suffolk


To Louisa...as friends of Brenda’s we met your Mum and Dad many times when we visited La Mamola, they were always so friendly and such good fun... a genuinely lovely couple who obviously were so very close. We would like you to know how sorry we are to hear this very sad news – we are thinking of you. With love from

Lynne and Barbara xx.



Audrey Courtney Hartley

RIP Chris and Chris. Had many a chat on the seafront with them. They were always happy and could give lots of advice. Hope all the community can get together and give them a send off that they would have liked. Market day wont be the same without them.RIP Chris and Chris. Had many a chat on the seafront with them. They were always happy and could give lots of advice. Hope all the community can get together and give them a send off that they would have liked. Market day wont be the same without them.


Sandie Cronin So sorry to hear that Chris and Christine lost their lives on Monday in a tragic accident in Spain on Monday. Thinking of their family and friends




Stephanie Vaughan Davies
La Mamola won't be the same without seeing them make their way along the seafront, chatting to everyone, being greeted with pleasure by Spanish and British alike, always full of cheer, always together.xx


Lynn & Roger Hanley We are so sad today because our very good friends Chris and Chris Martin of La Mamola were killed in a tragic accident at a friends house in Rubite yesterday, they will be sadly missed by all who knew them, La Mamola will never be the same again.


Evelyn Vera Araya
siempre estarán ,en nuestos corazones...xxx


Billy Dexter 2 of my friends have died they will always be in my Heart thay meant a lot to me,my condolences to them and their family


Hi Brenda

I’m the daughter of John and Tina Gooch who have an apartment in La Mamola and who knew Chris and Chris very well and I’ve met them a few times also and I just wanted to say how shocked and upset I am over this terrible news.They were very gentle, kind, thoughtful people with not a bad bone in them and my thoughts are with Louisa and the kids at this time. I met Chris and Chris whenever I went out to see my parents and then when I went out there with just my friend they looked after us as if we were their own with Chris taking us out for dinner and introducing us to Patricios paella and Christine making sure we didn’t want for anything and helping us out with our appalling Spanish. They were just lovely lovely people and this is so unfair.

La Mamola will seem very empty without them

God bless you both

Anna Gooch x


Dear Brenda, Please send my condolences to Luisa and her family at this tragic time. I knew Chris and Chris from their life here in the Uk and they were truly wonderful people and often in my thoughts. They embraced life fully and were never afraid to give anything new a try, this is so awful.

Please feel free to pass my details to Luisa as I have sadly lost touch.

I will be thinking of you all tomorrow and Friday.

Much love

Kim Challis


We were shocked and saddened to hear of the tragic deaths of Chris and Chis.  They were so very kind and helpful to us when we bought our first apartment in La Mamola 8 years ago, and we became friends.  We enjoyed some lovely evenings with them and admired the way they embraced the Spanish way of life.

They will be greatly missed by a huge number of friends.  Our thoughts are with their family and with our friends Caroline and Doug - it is impossible to imagine what they are going through.

We will pay our respects next time we go to La Mamola.

Jenny, David, Emma and Rebecca Baumforth


The true generosity in life....

...Iwas looking for a long time until found it here in Polopos / La Mamola.

The last three years I met Chris & Chris almost every day as we were neighbours but also good friends. They shared the same thoughts that we, as foreigners, were feeling so welcome here and that it was up to us to give back a little of what we recieved.

Sometimes Christopher came out with a book in his hand and said Christine wanted some time for herself.
Those times we got into very philosophical discussions about everything and nothing. Chris always bragging about us having solved the real problems with the world as we know it.

I remember saying that I appreciate generosity very much and they both agreed that it´s one thing that seeps through the Andalusian culture. Perhaps not so much in our own countries.

In my mind´s eye their friendly faces are greeting me from the other side of the paseo.
In La Mamola generosity and friendliness has a face.

Let us all remember Chris & Chris for what they stood for in a cold world –
to help each other on the way and to do that with a genuine smile.

Miss you / Leif


Christopher and Christine Martin were one of the best couples you could wish to meet and helped everyone they met especially people who had just moved to the area of La Mamola. They were good fun to be with especially if you were eating as Christopher liked his food so much, his favorite being his 2 soft boiled eggs in the mornings. It was very rare for me to ever go to La Mamola and not see them, always looking happy. I had quite a few years of Spanish classes with them as well and we went on our school trips and they always looked after me so well. My heart goes out to Louisa, Gary & the children and all other members of their family.
Lynn Hanley & Roger Hanley


I was so shocked to hear the news – I still am!   My parents are John and Tina Gooch have an apartment in La Mamaola which Chris and Chris looked after when they were not there.  My parents are very very upset at the loss of Chris and Chris and I know hold them as close friends.

I met them when I was in La Mamola they picked myself and my husband up from the airport, with our massive lack of the Spanish language Chris and Chris helped us immensely, they took us to a nearby town (Christine went on a walk with us whilst Chris had a power nap in the car!)  My husband popped round to their place and fixed their dvd player and Christine showed me her photos and greeting cards she made – what I’m trying to say is Chris and Chris made us feel at home.

La Mamola to me was Chris and Chris – whenever I heard my parents speak of the town, the words Chris and Chris was always followed in the same sentence.   They will be hugely missed, my thoughts are with Louisa and her family at this very sad time. 

Leah Elliott x


Matthieu Hartley My thoughts are with everyone in La Mamola, especially Louise, on this very sad day.


was so very sad to hear of the tragic accident and my heart goes out to Louisa, Gary, Nathan and Sean, and all of the family at this very sad time.  
Chris and Chris had a lot of time for Pete and I when we were in La Mamola and helped us out looking after our apartment when we were in the UK.  They were also a tower of strength to me when Pete died.  I feel so sad as I know they loved life and were a so together couple.
I only met Caroline and Doug once and my heart goes out to them also.    
I will be thinking of you all in La Mamola today and tomorrow.   
Carole Scott


Hallo Brenda,
What a big loss for the whole family and also for La Mamola and all their friends they having there.
whe have already for about 15 years an appartment in La Mamola.
We knew them from the very beginning and whe were good friends. Our daughter Eugenie from the Immobilaria Tropisur brought us the terrible news while we were in Holland at our house.
We still cannot believe it. Our prayers are with the family.
We give the family our deepest condoleances. We hope they will find a way to accept this loss.
Mia and Eduard Kruijer


Hi Brenda
I hope this email reaches you.
I wanted to say thank-you for the lovely tribute that you wrote, also the tribute page that you set up.
I think we met when I visited Chris and Chris a couple of years ago.
Words can not tell of the deep loss I am feeling right now, it was such a tragic ending for 2 people who just loved life and everyone they met.  We spoke to each other quite often and I am going to miss those phone calls.  I am so very sad that I could not go to the funeral to support Luisa but my husband is going into hospital on Monday for major surgery.
On behalf of us all here in Canada

Carole Martin Jenkins


" Chris and Chris
Such a tragic end to truly wonderful couple. A bit of sunshine has just been taken from La mamola, a place in which they were really happy and passed that happiness on to all of us who had the good fortune to meet them. When we go out there we will know that they are not far away, you may not see them, but feel they are near, you may.
Dear Louise, Gary and children, we are so sad and sorry for what has happened, you have our most sincere love and condolences, they were two loving helpful people we feel honoured to have known.

Goodnight and God Bless Chris and Chris.

From two very sad friends.
> Phil and Carol. xxx"


Hello Brenda,
How we wish we could have been there, to say goodbye, to our dear and wonderful friends,Chris and Chris.Please pass on our heartfelt condolences, to both of their families.
Although it is difficult today, to see beyond the sorrow,
May looking back in memory, help comfort you tomorrow.

From a distraught Tina and John Gooch.


We were terribly shocked to hear the news , Chris and Chris were the most lovely , friendly couple you could hope to meet.Our thoughts and prayers are with Luisa and Gary and their children and with everyone in the village who will feel their loss keenly.
Sue and Alan Jones    Tocon and La Mamola


The Following were taken from www.typicallyspanish.com


Peter Smith
23-2-2010 22:01
I saw this news item with sorrow and horror. Chris and Chris were a wonderful couple.All my family are shocked by this news and we send ur condolences to Loise their daughter
Maureen and Roy Cain La Mamola Spain
23-2-2010 23:13
Chris and chris were a nice couple with a great sense of humour and compassion, they were good neighbours and friends and will be missed so much by all who knew them
23-2-2010 23:17
Louisa and family
our love, thoughts, and prayers, are with you all now and always xxx
Chris in Barcelona
23-2-2010 23:42
Tragic, yet not a bad way to go. Together, enjoying life, natural causes, no hospitals and tubes up the nose or down the throat. Reminds me of the end of The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Of all the ways to die, this may be the best.
John Rawls, auckland, new zealand
24-2-2010 3:25
My condolences to all involved. I stayed for 2 weeks in this same house in 2002 & know what a beautiful place it was, which will be forever marred by this tragedy. I'm so sorry for the family involved. My love to them...
Michele K, Ireland
26-2-2010 10:25

Deepest sympathy to Louise and family on their loss. Christine worked with me for 2 years back in UK may years ago and was fun and her dream was life in Spain. Was sorry and shocked to hear the news.


I knew Christine from when I was aged 3 and we grew up together on Woodberry Down estate where we were neighbours.  We spent many Christmas' in one another's places and the whole family, Jean, David and Silvia and their parents Olga and Ben were a wonderful family.  You never went hungry in the Adams household, there was always food and cups of tea provided for your visit.  I remember when Christine first met Chris, everyone fell in love with him and they fell in love with one another, got married and Luisa was born.  I kept in touch over the years and we would often meet at family occasions.  Our paths didn't cross much when they moved to Spain, but every Xmas would see a card with a letter inside informing us of what they had been doing throughout the year and I looked forward to reading it every year, envying the wonderful life they had in Spain.  I wished now, that I took the opportunity to visit them, something I will regret.  I was devastated to read about the accident and my heart goes out to the whole family.  Chris and Chris were such a wonderful couple, loved by everyone that came into their lives.  A tragedy for such a young couple's lives to come to an end so abruptly, the only consolation was that they died together and will continue to be together in their next journey.  God bless you both and hope you are making others happy wherever you are, like you did here.  Love to the family
Maralyn and Joe Imbrogino xxx


Hi Brenda we are so shocked to hear this tragic news,  Chris & Chris like David & Jenny Baumforth said, were a great help to us as well when we first bought our apartment in La Mamola. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all their family. Allen & Jill Cluer.
























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