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Eating Out & Drinking In La Mamola, Castillo de Baños,Casarones, La Guapa, El Lance, Los Yesos


Our gastronomy is a clear demostration of the finest offerings of our Oceans and lands, and finds its perfect ally in the area's delicious wines, which are produced with traditional methods.

  • JAMÓN:  Dried in expert hands in the dryers of Hazo del Lino
  • MIGAS: Of flour and bread, and accompanied by fried fish or rich products of the pig (garlic sausage, blood sausage, streaky bacon...)
  • LOMO EN ADOBO: Marinated sliced pork
  • CHOTO: Kid (or lamb) braised in white wine and lots of garlic
  • PAPAS CON ASADURA: chips with herbs & with Liver
  • ZARZUELA DE PESCADO: The best seafood of the area
  • PAN DE HIGO: The almond and figs are in this dessert to delight your palate
  • ROSCOS DE HUEVO, BUñUELOS, GALLETAS FRITAS, TORTA DE CHICHARRONES.... a variety for sweet-toothed person
  • PARRILLADA Y FRITURA DE PESCADO FRESCO... fried and barbequed fresh fish.





Restaurants & Bars

La Mamola

Restaurante Onteniente, Casa Patricio, Puga Bar, Mesón La Orza, La Pergola

Los Yesos Bar/Restaurante Miramar, Bar Restaurante Las Palmeras

Castillo de Baños

Restaurante El Paraíso, Camping Restaurante/Bar


Café Bar Nico

El Lance

Café Bar Lancemar

La Guapa

Café Bar Gaviotas